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Hot Topics in Solid State Lighting and Illumination -- Webcast Series

SSL Series Overview:
The Evolution of Solid State Lighting: From the Laboratory to General Lighting 

22 October 2007- Watch overview

Brent York - Chief Technology Officer, Philips Lighting, BU Solid State Lighting (Burnaby, Canada)

With the world's attention on global warming and the utilization of scarce resources under scrutiny it is clear that the promise of Solid State Lighting or LED-based illumination is one path that shows promise in reducing our demand on electricity. This short overview will provide a brief introduction and high level perspective on the promise and challenges in our current efforts to development Solid State Lighting systems.

Brent York is an engineering physicist who has worked in illumination technology for 22 years. His interest in solid state lighting traces back to the late 1980's, and as a lighting specialist, he has designed numerous lighting systems and technologies for a myriad of uses spanning a broad range of illumination applications including: entertainment, architectural, transportation, hazardous location, aerospace, biological, medical, military, solar, residential, commercial and industrial. Brent holds six U.S. patents and has authored several published articles and presented at numerous conferences in illumination and solid-state lighting.


Sources - Details | View archived webcast
Tuesday 6 November 10 AM PST
E. Fred Schubert, Chair - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Systems - Details | View archived webcast
Tuesday 13 November 10 AM PST
John Koshel, Chair - Lambda Research

Applications - Details | View archived webcast
Tuesday 20 November 10 AM PST
Ian Ashdown, Chair - Philips Lighting

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You Will Learn:
The history of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
· The latest advances in efficient illumination design
· Advantages of different source materials, including GaN
· Numerous applications for solid state lighting

Who Should View:
· Researchers and engineers in solid state lighting 
· Managers of illumination design teams
· Illumination designers Purchasers of leading-edge lighting technology
· Those interested in efficient illumination for reduction of energy consumption