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Hot Topics in Advanced Lithography Webcast Series


Series Overview - View archived webcast

Kurt Ronse, Director of Lithography, IMEC (Leuven, Belgium)

Talk: Lithography options for 32nm half pitch patterning

Kurt Ronse received his Masters and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium. He is currently managing IMEC's 193nm immersion lithography and Extreme UV lithography programs. In 2005, Ronse chaired the second International Symposium of Immersion Lithography, organized in Bruges in September 2005. He has authored and co-authored over 100 publications in the field of optical lithography and is a member of SPIE. 


EUV Lithography   Details |View archived webcast
Vivek Bakshi, Chair - SEMATECH, Inc.
Mike Lercel - SEMATECH, Inc./IBM Corp.

Immersion Lithography  Details |View archived webcast
Donis Flagello, Chair - ASML
Colin Brodsky - IBM
Jack Chen - TSMC

Double Patterning Details |View archived webcast
Mircea Dusa, Chair - ASML
Mireille Maenhoudt - IMEC
Jongwook Kye - AMD

You Will Learn:
· Three approaches to resolution improvement in semiconductor manufacturing
· The latest advances in EUV lithography, including sources and masks
· How immersion techniques are making ever higher NAs possible
· Technical and budgetary issues in using double patterning to influence k1

Who Should View:
· Researchers and engineers in semiconductor manufacturing
· Managers of lithography teams
· Purchasers of leading-edge lithographic machinery