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Instructor Resources

General Information

You should have received a message which included your Instructor Agreement(s) for the symposium you are teaching at. 

Please sign the Instructor Agreement and return it to SPIE as soon as possible. Remember, the sooner this form is returned to us the sooner we can pay you!

As a short course instructor, your conference registration fees are waived so that you may attend the technical sessions. This is issued automatically, so you are not required to register for the symposium or conferences. Please note this fee waiver does not include a complimentary copy of the proceedings, so you will need to order a copy of the proceedings separately if you wish to receive one. In the event your course is cancelled prior to the symposium, the registration waiver still stands.

Instructor Guidelines

Please visit the SPIE Instructor Guidelines for SPIE policies concerning commercialism and disclosure, standards, and scheduling, as well as course note copyright permissions and materials source crediting. It is your responsibility, as the instructor, to follow these guidelines. The guidelines also include information on our cancellation policy.

Course Notes

Please visit our Course Materials & Requirements page for more information about creating and submitting your course notes.

Tax Information

Overseas (non-U.S.-based) Instructors

Please be aware that the necessary tax forms - which you need in order to receive payment from our accounting department - are now accessible through our Reporting Income page. It is crucial for you to submit these government forms in order for us to pay you, and please be advised that this process usually takes a good deal of time so you will want to start as soon as possible.
If you have taught for us previously and have already completed this process, no further action should be necessary.

All Instructors

If you are teaching in the State of California (meetings including Photonics West, Optics + Photonics (Annual Meeting), Medical Imaging, Advanced Lithography (formerly Microlithography), BACUS/Photomask, and Smart Structures), please be aware that non-California residents who receive fees for services (e.g. instruction) conducted in California are subject to a 7% California state withholding tax on any and all payments where it is anticipated payments will exceed $1,500 in a calendar year. (This information is also stated on your Instructor Agreement.) This applies only to the course honorarium; reimbursable expenses are not subject to this tax.

Before the course:

After the course:

Continuing Education Units

IACET Authorzed Provider
SPIE is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is authorized to issue the IACET CEU.

A "Green Lab" program supported by SPIE at the Pennsylvania State Univ. Electro-Optics Center gives high-school students lab experience in analyzing power consumption incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED lighting sources.

"The lab inspires students to think about the environment and the economy," said Jim Einsporn of the Penn State project. "Students discover first-hand the amount of energy used in each source, and the long-term costs of each."

USA Science and Engineering Festival