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Events and Courses for Students

ISCP 2012
ISCP 2014

23- 26 September 2014
Orastie, Hunedoara

The conference “International Student Conference on Photonics- ISCP 2014" is an international annual event organized by the “Institute for Atomic Physics” SPIE Student Chapter and is dedicated to the modern applications in the field of photonics. This year the conference will be held Orastie, at Arsenal Park on 23-26 September 2014.

The conference topics are, high power lasers and applications, Optics and Optoelectronics, Micro and nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Lasers in life sciences, Laser Metrology and industry, and Physics of plasma sources and applications.

The purpose of this conference is to provide young researchers a good opportunity to gain experience from the experts in the field of photonics and in the same time to lay out their own results.

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