Copacabana Palace Hotel
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    23 - 25 May 2015
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    Visa Guidelines

    Visa Information
    Foreign participants must contact the Brazilian Embassy, Consulate, or the appropriate Office of Tourism, in their home country as soon as possible to determine their individual visa requirements. If you need a personal letter of invitation to attend the event (or as part of the paperwork for the visa application), please send a completed invitation letter request form as soon as possible ( The required invitation letter request form is available  at Please note that the general procedures and rules for obtaining visas to Brazil are based on reciprocity protocols ("international principles of reciprocity") among the countries involved.

    Visa requirement for attendees:
    As a general rule, conference attendees from countries for which a visa is required to enter Brazil (e.g., USA, Japan,etc.) should apply for a Temporary Visa in some Brazilian Consulates (i.e.
    Boston) this is called Academic/ Cultural/Scientific Visa - not a "Business Visa". However, you must check the exact type of visa you have to apply for with the specific Brazilian Embassy or
    Consulate in your region/country.Visa requirement for spouses:Spouses accompanying (i.e. not registered for the meeting) a registered participant should have a valid Tourist Visa to enter Brazil. Again, please double check this information with the specific consulate in your home country/region.

    Below we provide a link you may find useful.List of Brazilian Embassies and Consulates in many countries (Portuguese):

    The above link has two tables. The first one has five columns containing the contact information (including URLs in many cases) of many Brazilian Consulates and Embassies in several countries.
    Below we list the five column labels in Portuguese (as written on the table) and their corresponding translation to English:

    País (Country)
    Embaixada no Brasil (Embassy in Brazil)
    Embaixada brasileira no exterior (Brazilian Embassy abroad)
    Consulado (Brazilian Consulate abroad)
    Vice consulado (Brazilian Vice Consulate abroad).

    The most relevant information is likely to be that in columns 3 and 4.The second table (on the same link as above) lists the Brazilian Embassies and Consulates abroad by the names of the cities where they are located. The two columns are: Embaixadas brasileiras no exterior (Brazilian embassies abroad) and Consulados brasileirosno exterior (Brazilian consulates abroad).