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Startup Challenge 2014 Semi-Finalists

Our team of expert volunteer judges have selected the following pitches to advance in the SPIE Startup Challenge competition:

MagBiosense's revolutionary heart-attack diagnostic device
Dr. Amos Danielli, Founder and CEO

PhotoniCare CLEARVIEW: a superior view into the middle ear
Dr. Ryan Shelton, President and Co-founder
PhotoniCare, Inc.

All-Optical Analog-to-Digital Converter on a Photonic Integrated Chip
Mr. Eric Wandel, Vice President
Innovative Photonics Technologies, LLC

The Cell-BOCS - an all optical cell sorter
Dr. Lars Rindorf, CTO

Affinity-based continuous glucose monitor for improved monitoring of diabetes
Mr. Brian Cummins, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Glucid Innovations

Platypus: A low cost robust infrared spectrometer for mobile food and agriculture platforms.
Dr Ramin Rafiei, Senior Instrumentation Engineer
The University of Western Australia 

Crystalline Mirrors Solutions: A new paradigm in optical coating technology
Dr Garrett Cole, Co-Founder and CFO
Crystalline Mirror Solutions GmbH

DynaMon (Dynamic Fitness & Body Monitor)
Dr. Babak Shadgan, Medical Director
Pathonix Innovation Inc.

Hand-in-Scan, the visible improvement
Dr. Tamas Haidegger, CEO/CTO
HandInScan Ltd.

Taking online optical measurement technology into a new level: novel spectral sensors take spectrometer performance to sensor price point.
Mr. Jarkko Antila, CEO
Spectral Engines 

Compact interferometric module transforming a regular camera to a powerful scan-free profiler
Dr. Natan Shaked, Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Tel Aviv University 

Minimally invasive Disposable multi-functional microendoscopy
Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, head of electro-optical track at Bar Ilan University/CSO at Z-square
Bar Ilan University / Z-square

Norlase Compact Diode Systems
Dr Anders K. Hansen, Research Scientist
Fotonik, DTU

QKD Corp. provides fiber-optical data encryption systems and solutions that offers unprecedented security to communication lines using quantum physics.
Dr Christian Weedbrook, CEO
QKD corp. 

Swept Image: On-Demand Precision Depth Mapping
Mr. Matthew Muller, Co-Founder
Swept Image Inc.

PlenOptika. Eyecare for all.
Dr. Nicholas Durr, M+Vision Research Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gabor-domain optical coherence microscope (GD-OCM)
Dr. Jannick Rolland, CEO
LighTopTech Corp.

Prof. Robert McLaughlin, Associate Professor
University of Western Australia

"Skinformatics" is a hyperspectral camera with onboard computer vision that beats dermatologists at life-saving melanoma screening.
Dr. Dan Gareau, Instructor in Clinical Investigation
The Rockefeller University

Color-tunable Light-emitting Diodes
Dr Hoi Wai Choi, Associate Professor
The University of Hong Kong

Switchable glass based on MEMS
Mr Boris Lamontagne, R-D manager

3D Ring by 3DeWitt
Mr. Thomas Ditto, Managing Member
3DeWitt LLC

Polarization enhanced cystoscopy for in situ detection of early stage bladder cancer
Miss Sanaz Alali, PhD student
University of Toronto / Pollux Devices

Substrate-integrated hollow waveguides (iHWG) for advanced gas sensors
Prof. Dr. Boris Mizaikoff, Institute Director
Institute of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, University of Ulm 

Metamaterial Dispersion Device
Mr. Hossein Alisafaee, Research Assistant / Doctoral Candidates
UNC Charlotte

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