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Sensing & Measurement

Thermal imaging kits


FLIR Systems has expanded its range of highly affordable, entry level R&D grade thermal imaging kits for academic teaching and industrial research labs.

New additions to the FLIR® portfolio of R&D-grade thermal imaging kits are the portable (< 1kg) and easy-to-operate E40 and T420 entry-level packages. Combining a high performance thermal imaging camera, advanced optics and versatile software the new camera kits bring research grade thermal imaging within the reach of almost any organisation.

Unlike thermocouples, spot pyrometers and IR thermometers, the FLIR E40 / T420 thermal imaging kits eliminate risky guesswork with instant non-contact readings that deliver up to 76,800 repeatable, accurate temperature measurements in each thermographic image. Visualizing temperatures from -20°C to +650°C, the FLIR E40 / T420 thermal imaging kits deliver true R&D-grade performance and their high accuracy (±2%) and sensitivity (up to <0.045°C) lets you see the finest thermal variations.

In academic teaching and R&D labs, the thermal imaging camera is just one part of the solution. Of equal importance is the software needed to analyze the thermal image. Combining highly intuitive operation with comprehensive capabilities - FLIR ResearchIR software is included with every E40 / T420 kit.

FLIR ResearchIR software provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-use acquisition, diagnostics, and data sharing tools. In addition the software includes customisable, savable workspaces that allow users to simply arrange how images, data, charts, and plots are displayed. ResearchIR connects directly to the E40 / T420 thermal imaging cameras via a USB Link, thereby enabling fast viewing of thermal snapshots and movie files. The software supports a range of options including pre- and post-trigger recording based on user configured start/stop times, scene temperature thresholds, frame rate, and more.

In addition to performing real-time image analysis with an extensive set of measurement modes, ResearchIR also features zoom and pan capabilities enabling closer examinations. Software options for preset sequencing and superframing allows researchers to more effectively analyse scenes with large temperature differences or targets with rapid thermal dynamics. An array of enhanced charting and graphing capabilities permits users to create line profiles and temporal plots for all of the measurement tools.


  • Choice of FLIR E40, T420 with Integrated Daylight Camera, A5sc, A15sc, or A35sc thermal camera
  • Up to 76,800 accurate temperature measurements per thermal image
  • Includes Wide 25° and Close Focus 45° Lenses (E and T Series only)
  • On-Camera Measurement Analysis (E and T Series only)
  • Video Recording and Time vs. Temperature Plotting