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Optical Design & Engineering

Telecentric lenses


Navitar, Inc, has released their MagniStar® telecentric lenses. The MagniStar line includes six C-mount bi-telecentric lenses with built-in adjustable iris; designed specifically for measurement and inspection applications that require extreme precision.

The first two lenses in the series feature magnifications of 0.128X and 0.528X and are now available. Additional lenses with magnifications of 0.05X and 0.243X are due to be released December 1st; and the final two lenses;  the 1X and 2X, will be available February 1, 2014.

Navitar's new lenses offer high telecentricity, built-in iris, excellent MTF performance, no parallax error, and less than 0.1% image distortion. These high-resolution, low distortion lenses are designed to work with camera formats of 2/3" and smaller; and will support megapixel cameras with 3.5um pixels. MagniStar lenses are perfect for industrial and electronic parts inspection and other imaging applications where greater depth of field is required.