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Lasers & Sources

Green Laser Diodes

Laser Components

Effective immediately, all FLEXPOINT® laser modules are available with green 520 nm laser diodes. The advantages compared to DPSS lasers are pretty obvious: Better stability of the optical output power, significantly faster modulation with shorter rise times, a lower temperature sensitivity, and operating temperatures up to 60°C.

The 520 nm laser diodes can be integrated into all Laser Components lasers: whether it is a dot, line, or cross-hair laser. They can also be integrated into all machine vision lasers of the FLEXPOINT® MV series. Two laser diodes with different output powers are available: 30 mW and 50 mW. Both laser diodes can be set to operate at lower power levels in production; thus, all power levels of <50 mW can be achieved with green FLEXPOINT® laser modules.