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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Profiles

    • Basic Function

    How do I edit my profile?

    Sign in to your SPIE Account. You will see the tabbed account management interface. The " Profile" tab controls the display of your profile information.

    How do I turn off my profile?

    Edit your profile, and select "Hide Profile" in the Master Profile Control section. If you require added security, you can call or email customer service ( to have them disable your profile. If you use this option, you will have to re-contact customer service to enable your profile. 

    How does the email system work?

    Selecting "Allow email" in Profiles means that people can contact you through the Profiles email system. When they complete the email contact form, SPIE sends that message to the email address on file for you. Your email address is never visible but allows them to send you a message. Only if you choose to respond to their email will your address be revealed.  Auto-responders and out-of-office messages will also reveal your email address.

    • Data Handling

    Can I add publications, conferences, or courses from other societies or venues?

    Yes, the account management form will let you add information about these other items. The input fields listed in the forms are required.

    Why does my publication / conference / course record end in the '90s?

    We are limited by the extent of our digital records. The publications list pulls information as far back as 1990, but this is constrained by the information in our Digital Library. Publication records go back reliably to 1995. Conferences and courses reliably go back to 2000, but data prior to this does exist in the system.

    What should I do if SPIE information is missing from my profile?

    If there are SPIE conference publications or journal articles missing from your profile, we need your help to fix them!  Sometimes account records become unlinked from their publications due to multiple accounts or conflicting data. Please send a list of the papers (SPIE urls are helpful) that should be added to You can only add papers for which you are listed as an author.

    What should I do if information in my profile is inaccurate?

    As an immediate solution, you can hide this information with the controls in the account management form. Permanent changes involving your SPIE record can be obtained by contacting customer service (

    I tried to upload an image, and now I can't get to my profile?

    If you use the form to upload a graphic that is larger than the maximum recommended size, you will experience poor performance - the form continues trying to upload that image. Upload a smaller image in its place.

    Why are some conferences in my Conference Committee Involvement section not linked?

    Future conferences are linked to their upcoming symposium event webpages. SPIE removes these symposium pages after the event is over, so these links have no destination. Once the proceedings volume is published, the conference will link to the proceedings volume. Between the end of the event and the publish date of the volume, the conference link has no logical destination. If no proceedings volume is published, the conference will also have no link.

    Why isn't my company affiliation listed?

    Your company affiliation comes from the first line of your mailing address block.  If this first line is empty, you will not have an affiliation listed.  This often occurs for people who have their home address listed as their primary contact address.  The best solution is to put your company affiliation in the line marked "Organization" in the address block.

    Where did the photo in my profile come from?

    In a few cases, SPIE already had a photo on file for you. We uploaded the picture (although it is not set to display) so you don't have to create a new image of the proper size. You can replace this image at any time.

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