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    Consider publishing your article with SPIE Open Access (OA) to expand your readership quickly and effectively.

    With SPIE Open Access:

    • Unlimited amount of readers have access to your research
    • Satisfy your funding agency requirements
    • Your article is copyedited and typeset
    • You retain copyright of your work
    • Spend less than half of other OA journals

    Compare Open Access Publishing Costs:

    SPIE Journals Other Journals
    (equivalent length)
     10-page one-column article $600  $1350 PLOS One
     6-page two-column article $600  $1350 AIP Advances
     $1590 IEEE Photonics Journal
     $1750 IEEE Access
     $1760 New Journal of Physics
     $1795 Optics Express





    SPIE Open Access article publication charge

    One-column journals: $60 per published page
    Two-column journals: $100 per published page

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