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Journal of Medical Imaging Editorial Board



Maryellen Giger

Maryellen L. Giger, PhD
The Univ. of Chicago
Department of Radiology/Medical Physics
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Advisory Editors

Harrison Barrett

Harrison Barrett, PhD
Univ. of Arizona, USA

Norbert Pelc

Norbert Pelc, PhD
Stanford Univ., USA

Review Article Editors

Karen Drukker

Karen Drukker, PhD
The Univ. of Chicago, USA

Despina Kontos

Despina Kontos, PhD
Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA

Associate Editors

Craig Abbey

Craig Abbey, PhD
Univ. of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Katherine Andriole

Katherine Andriole, PhD
Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA

Susan Astley

Susan Astley, PhD
Univ. of Manchester, United Kingdom

Stephen Aylward

Stephen Aylward, PhD
Kitware, Inc., USA

Jovan G. Brankov

Jovan G. Brankov, PhD
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Timothy Carroll

Timothy J. Carroll, PhD
The Univ. of Chicago, USA

Weijie Chen

Weijie Chen, PhD
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA

Kevin Cleary

Kevin R. Cleary, PhD
Children's National Medical Center, USA

Thomas Deserno

Thomas M. Deserno, PhD
Uniklinik RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany

Marvin Doyley

Marvin M. Doyley, PhD
University of Rochester

Rebecca Fahrig

Rebecca Fahrig, PhD
Siemens AG, Germany

Aaron Fenster

Aaron Fenster, PhD
Robarts Research Institute, Canada

Marios Gavrielides

Marios A. Gavrielides, PhD
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA

Barjor Gimi

Barjor Gimi, PhD
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, USA

Metin Gurcan

Metin Gurcan, PhD
The Ohio State Univ. Wexner Medical Center, USA

Christoph Hoeschen

Christoph Hoeschen, PhD
Otto-von-Guericke Universität, Germany

Huabei Jiang

Huabei Jiang, PhD
Univ. of South Florida, USA

Nico Karssemeijer

Nico Karssemeijer, PhD
Radboud Univ. Nijmegen Medical Center, The Netherlands

Paul Kinahan

Paul Kinahan, PhD
Univ. of Washington, USA

Elizabeth Krupinski

Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD
Emory Univ., USA

Matthew Kupinski

Matthew Kupinski, PhD
Univ. of Arizona, USA

Patrick J. La Riviere

Patrick J. La Rivière, PhD
The Univ. of Chicago, USA

Maria Law

Maria Law, PhD
Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, Hong Kong

Hui Li

Hui Li, PhD
The Univ. of Chicago, USA

Marius George Linguraru

Marius George Linguraru, PhD
Children’s National Health System/George Washington Univ., USA

Murray Loew

Murray H. Loew, PhD
George Washington Univ., USA

Anant Madabhushi

Anant Madabhushi, PhD
Case Western Reserve Univ., USA

Milica Medved

Milica Medved, PhD
The University of Chicago, USA

Claudia Mello-Thoms

Claudia Mello-Thoms, PhD
The Univ. of Sidney, Australia

Michael Miga

Michael Miga, PhD
Vanderbilt Univ., USA

Kensaku Mori

Kensaku Mori, PhD
Nagoya Univ., Japan

Kyle Myers

Kyle Myers, PhD
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA

Sandy Napel

Sandy Napel, PhD
Stanford Univ., USA

Robert Nishikawa

Robert M. Nishikawa, PhD
Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA

Sebastien Ourselin

Sebastien Ourselin, PhD
Univ. College London, United Kingdom

Xiaochuan Pan

Xiaochuan Pan, PhD
The University of Chicago, USA

Josien Pluim

Josien Pluim, PhD
Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, The Netherlands


Joseph Reinhardt, PhD
Univ. of Iowa, USA

Olivier Salvado

Olivier Salvado, PhD
Australian e-Health Research Centre, Australia

Ehsan Samei

Ehsan Samei, PhD
Duke Univ. Medical Center, USA

Raj Shekhar

Raj Shekhar, PhD
Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation, Children's National Health System, USA

Ron Summers

Ronald M. Summers, MD, PhD
National Institutes of Health, USA

Martin P. Tornai

Martin P. Tornai, PhD
Duke Univ. Medical Center, USA

Irina Voiculescu

Irina Voiculescu, PhD
Univ. of Oxford, United Kingdom

Tomaz Vrtovec

Tomaž Vrtovec, PhD
Univ. of Ljubljana, Slovenia

John Weaver

John B. Weaver, PhD
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, USA

David L. Wilson

David L. Wilson, PhD
Case Western Reserve Univ., USA

Lei Xi

Lei Xi, PhD
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China


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