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Rithvik R. Gutha

Student Researcher
Univ of Alabama in Huntsville

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Rithvik is a PhD candidate working on design, fabrication, and characterization of silicon based photonics devices.

He is responsible for Fabricating Semiconductor devices, developing measurement and data acquisition techniques to characterize a variety of photonics devices, performing optical and electrical testing, simulation, and data analysis.

He is technically sound in Optical Science, Electronics and Physics with strong background in Semiconductor Optics.

Additional skills:
- Fundamental understanding of silicon photonics technology and its applications.
- Basic knowledge of laser physics, semiconductor processing, fiber optics, semiconductor physics as related to photonic devices such as diode lasers and photo detectors, and a broad set of lab skills.
- Experience in integrated optics, photonic devices and characterization, data acquisition and analysis software such as Matlab, OceanView and PicoQuant.
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