Li, Xuzhou

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Xuzhou Li

PhD Candidate
Univ of Michigan
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Area of Expertise: Medical Imaging System Design, Computer Vision in Medical Imaging, Fluorescence Imaging, Imaging Processing, Ultrasound Imaging, Nanophotonics
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Since suffered from a lump around my throat, I got familiar with different kinds of medical imaging systems in my childhood. It was really a hard time for a kid to stay in the hospital for the whole summer. At that time, I started to wonder if we can have a better medical imaging system to help doctors diagnose diseases in the early stage so that there would be less pain and save a lot of many for their families.

Luckily, I was cured. However, my interest in medical imaging along with the scar of operation didn't disappear. I chose to study Precision Instruments in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University for my bachelor degree. At Tsinghua, I learned plenty of necessary knowledge of medical imaging like electronic system design, signal processing, and optics.

After finishing my bachelor degree, I decided to pursue my Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor under the advisory of Dr. Sherman Fan and Dr. Xueding Wang. Since I believed in the prospect of non-radiation imaging which is safer and more affordable, I focused my work in the upgrade version of Ultrasound imaging and novel optical imaging which are not applied in the clinical situations now. In my daily life, I collaborate closely with the doctors to know their demands and concerns and then bring the information into my system and experiments. I am quite enjoying this process.

In the future, I want to devote myself to the industry to make better healthcare especially early diagnosis more achievable for everyone on this planet.
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