Lerner, William S.

Mr. William S. Lerner

Individual Inventor

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Area of Expertise: Hydrogen Technologies, Automobile Safety, Inventor, Autonomous Vehicles, Hydrogen Vehicles, Hydrogen Filling Stations.
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I am on six ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Groups for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

ISO/TC 197 Hydrogen Technologies
ISO/TC 58 - Gas cylinders
ISO/TC 58/SC 2 - Gas fittings
ISO TC 58/SC 3 - Cylinder design
ISO/TC 58/SC 4 - Operational requirements for gas cylinders
ISO/TC 220-Cryogenic vessels

Hydrogen technologies TAGs focus is on safety and performance for hydrogen vehicle pumps, stations, and vehicle receptacles. We develop and vote on the standards for all participating countries, including: China, India, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, and Russia.

I am an officially registered U.S. expert on five International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Working Groups (WGs) in the hydrogen technologies sector:

• ISO/TC 197/WG 5 - Gaseous hydrogen land vehicle refueling connection devices

• ISO/TC 197/WG 22 - Gaseous hydrogen fueling station hoses

• ISO/TC 197/WG 23 - Gaseous hydrogen fueling station fittings

• ISO/TC 197/WG 24 - Gaseous hydrogen fueling stations – general requirements
• ISO/TC 197/WG 19 - Gaseous hydrogen fueling station dispensers – general requirements

SAE Fuel Cell Interface Task Force, SAE J2600, SAEJ 2601

The Fuel Cell Standards Committee is responsible for establishing standards for vehicle fuel cell systems and its interfaces to the vehicle. Standards will cover the safety aspects of fuel cell systems in the vehicle, test procedures to establish the performance of the system/components, and interface requirements.

SAE Technical Standards Task Force:
Identifying Disabled User Issues for ADS-DVs. Level 4 and 5 Automated Driving System-dedicated vehicles (ADS-DVs with no longitudinal/lateral controls) will eventually enable persons to travel at will who are otherwise unable to obtain a driver’s licenses. All issues are being addressed.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers-ASME. Member.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Member.
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