Hassan, Michael

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Dr. Michael Hassan

Research Scientist
Innovate, LLC

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Area of Expertise: Electrical Enginnering, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Digital Imaging and Vision, Systems Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
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Engineering Consulting; R&D; Design and Innovations:

INNOVATE offers Engineering Consulting Services, Research and Development, Innovation and Design, Creative Problem Solving, System Design, Technical Evaluation, Designing End-to-End Business Solutions, Aligning Technological Solutions with Business Strategy, Intellectual Properties Development, and Innovative Idea Creation.

Areas of Consulting and R&D Include: Electrical System Design, Architectural Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Electronics Engineering; Computer Engineering; Imaging and Vision; System Engineering; and Aerospace Engineering.

Education and Training Services:

INNOVATE also offers "on-site" courses, workshops, and seminars in Engineering, Innovations, and Safety to Corporations, Private Sector, Public Sector, and Educational Institutions.

On-site courses and seminars will keep you current with the latest technological advancements to ensure your company to stay on the cutting edge of today’s highly competitive, global marketplace.

INNOVATE also offers "custom-made" courses and seminars. If you do not find a course on our list, we will custom-design it for you to meet your company needs.

A graduation certificate shall be awarded to every participant upon the successful completion of any course, workshop, or seminar.

INNOVATE offers the following ten groups of courses, workshops, and seminars:

* Safety Courses
* Creativity and Innovation Courses
* Electrical Engineering Courses
* Electronics Engineering Courses
* Computer Engineering Courses
* Signal and Image Processing Courses
* Communication Engineering Courses
* Control Engineering Courses
* Aerospace Engineering Courses
* Systems Engineering Courses
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