Dr. Hai S. Jiang

Area of Expertise: Machine Vision, IP Camera, Converged Communication, Image Processing, High Performance Computing, System Integration
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Expertise in:
1. System/Algorithm design for advanced image processing, image understanding and machine vision. Experiences in applications like automatic target recognition, automatic image difference locating, image enhancement, gesture recognition, bio-imaging and stereo triangulation, road/building detection from aerial video, multi-level auto focusing. Familiar to motion estimation, Markov random field with Bayesian network for accurate area-related extraction, high-dimensional feature space fuzzy clustering, useful statistical texture representation, 2D city map rendering, corner rounding/morphing for geometry objects, change detection between vectorized design and image, auto contour extraction from chip images.
2. System architect for unified communication including voice/video over IP, multi-domain IP PBX, hosted PBX, virtual contact center, voip conference, click-to-talk, predictive dialer integration, instant messaging client/server, web services, intelligent video surveillance, and soft video phone.
3. Linux system integration, admin, consulting for cloud or clustered computing environments. Slightly worked on load balance, uniform build environment across Linux and Windows.
4. CMOS IP camera architecture and firmware. Worked on AF/AE/Piris and very low-light imaging.
5. Proposal writing and research, earned funding and worked as PI of two US gov projects, contributed to more than ten phase I/II projects.
6. Embedded system including smartphones w/ Android/WinCE/Symbian and FPGA.

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