Fadhali, Mohammed M. A.

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Dr. Mohammed M. A. Fadhali

Assist. Prof.Dr (Photonics & Laser Physics)
Ibb Univ

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Area of Expertise: Laser Material Processing, Photonic devices coupling, Photonic Sensors, Ultrafast optics & Lasers, Optical spectroscopy
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Dr. Mohamed Fadhali, PhD (physics, UTM, Malaysia), M.Sc. (Physics, CUSAT, India) , B.Sc. (Applied Physics / Laser, UT, Iraq). He is an Assistant Professor of Photonic and Laser Physics. Has about 12 years experience of teaching and research in various fields of physics and especially in fundamentals and applications of lasers physics and optics. Dr. Fadhali is the Author and Co-Author of 24 International peer reviewed International Journal and more than 35 peer reviewed proceedings and conference presentations. He has also a two years experience of working as an optical communication Engineer in Public Telecommunication Corporation, Yemen. He has various collaboration schemes with key academician and researchers at Advanced Photonic Science Institute, UTM, Malaysia. He is a member of SPIE and OSA. Nominated to be the Editor-in-Chief, University Researcher Journal for Science & Technology, Ibb University (soon will be available as an open access)
- An Editor for a Book entitled “Advanced Photonic Sciences” (Published by InTech corporation ISBN, 78-953-51-0153-6,available online at the link: http://www.intechopen.com/books/advanced-photonic-sciences
- Reviewer to many International peer reviewed Journals.
Dr. Fadhali has good experience laser weld machines and their peripherals, vacuum machines and Pulsed Laser deposition. He is Very familiar with all the Photonics / Optoelectronics systems applied for Optical Communications and Biophotonics and Programming with (basic, Q-basic, FORTRAN, C) and MATLAB coding & simulations for variety of applications.
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