Mr. Yu Han Chien

NPI Manager

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Area of Expertise: Optical Simulation & Measurement (Zemax, Lighttools, Zygo), LED, OLED, Touch (Display or Lighting), Patent Map, RD Management, Mobile Device (Smartphone, Tablet), Business creative & development
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I have been over ten years R&D working experience and take in charge of multi-function integration, such optical simulation, optical-electro, fabrication, driving system and management. For example, in 2010, I have successful integration 1st flexible touch AMOLED of the world in ITRI and then has been published result in annual achievement and national conference –SID 2011. In addition, I have strongly lab practice experience. Furthermore, I have more than eight years project leading and management experience and have more than 20 internal publish 14 patents and 20 technical reports. Finally, I love working in more challenge, high tech level and motivation environment.
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