Cheung, Yiu Ming

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Dr. Yiu Ming Cheung

Senior Manager, Enabling Technology

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Area of Expertise: Laser Semiconductor Micro-Machining and Processing, High Density Electronic Packages Assembly Processes, Automation of High Precision Semiconductor Assembly Equipments
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Dr. Yiu-Ming Cheung, Ken, received the Higher Diploma in Applied Science from Hong Kong Polytechnics in 1982. He obtained the MSc and PhD in physics from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey USA, in 1988 and 1994, respectively. He worked in NEC Research Institute, as a Research Associate and Research Assistant for his practical training before he got the PhD degree from Stevens. He was the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow and then Project Manager in Physics Department of Hong Kong Baptist University from Fall 1994 to Summer 1996. Since then, he has joined ASM Technology Hong Kong. He owns 15 US patents and over 50 patents internationally. He authored and co-authored 20 journal papers, 45 technical articles for conference proceedings and a chapter of the book on micro-joining processes and techniques. He currently works on various laser micro-machining and micro-joining techniques for semiconductor packaging and assembly processes as well as bonding process development for C2 micro-bumped flip-chip.

He is Senior Member of IEEE and serves as General Co-chairman and Treasurer in EMAP2006, Chairman of IEEE CPMT HK Chapter from year 2003 to 2004 and the Vice-Chair of the Chapter from year 1999 to 2002. He is also a life member of SPIE.
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