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Dr. Wisdom M Dlamini


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Area of Expertise: Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Machine Learning, Ecology, Bayesian network
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Dr. Dlamini is a scientist with a proven record having held various positions ranging from being an Environmental Education Officer through to being a TFCA International Coordinator to Director of Nature Conservation at the Swaziland National Trust Commission. He currently lectures in Remote Sensing and GIS at the University of Eswatini. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Environmental Science and Physics), a Postgraduate Diploma (Wildlife Management), a Master of Science degree (Tropical Resource Ecology), a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, and a Diploma in International Environmental Law and a PhD (Environmental Science). His 19-year working experience spans a wide variety of scientific and management areas such as environmental science and policy, environmental law and policy, ecology, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. He also has experience in consulting, lecturing and research in the same fields. His research passions are in the science-policy interface with specific focus on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, particularly Bayesian networks, in remote sensing, geospatial and ecological modeling and biodiversity-climate interactions including the fire and vegetation ecology. His research has also afforded him international recognition including a recognition for outstanding scientific research in DigitalGlobe’s inaugural 8-Band Research Challenge. He has also published various articles in peer-reviewed international journals and chapters in books. Dr. Dlamini also referees in various journals such as the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Environmental Modeling and Software, Ecography, Scientific Research and Essays, Journal of Geological and Mining Research and the Journal of Applied Ecology.
Mr. Dlamini also holds various membership positions in national and international environmental bodies and associations.
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