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Wayne A. Seemungal

Director of Business Development

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Area of Expertise: low light level detectors, Defense industry, ultrasonic testing, Metamaterials, Photonics technologies, Strategic management
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I am formerly the Director of Business Development at the Center for Advanced Technology and the Center for MetamateralsI at City College of NY (NSF I/UCRC). Previous Sales Director at Amplification Technologies, a photonics start-up. I have served as an Applications Engineer initially with Philips Components. In this role I supported direct Sales Engineers in defining, recommending, installing and troubleshooting detector technologies manufactured by Philips Components (now Photonis). At Philips ResearchI designed and performed optical (photoluminescence) and electrical characterization methods for II-VI materials, worked in the clean room and performed characterization of non-linear crystals for doubling YAG laser frequencies. At Lincoln Labs I worked in the Quantum Electronics Group, optimizing diode laser amplifiers and high brightness lasers for laser guide star application. As a result of these experiences, and my subsequent work at CCD manufacturer E2V Technologies and high tech start-up Amplification Technologies (where I worked with the Engineer on quantum efficiency measurement and detector characterization of geiger-mode APDs in silicon and InP/InGaAs), I have become very welI versed in a wide range of electro-mechanical and optical instruments. At Magnetic Analysis Corp. I managed joint technical projects to meet customer specifications, and worked closely with customer’s engineers and internal engineers and production to meet system specifications for complex non-destructive testing systems for steel.
I have earned a Bachelors degree in Physics from Binghamton University and a Masters degree from NYU?Polytechnic University.

Accomplished, results-driven, and highly technical, Business Development Manager; very familiar with new and emerging innovation and business models and the potential for disruption and transformation of traditional businesses; proven professional experience with complex projects that span organizational boundaries; expert ability
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