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Mr. Thomas R. Morris

Materials Engineer - Job Seeking

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Area of Expertise: LED, Matlab, Sensors, LIDAR, Materials, Remote Sensing
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Materials engineer with 8 years experience creating award winning solutions for lighting and defense applications in the photonics industry. Seeking employment. Will relocate.

MSc in Photonics - Barcelona Tech
BS in Materials - Georgia Tech

Master's Thesis Work
Evaluated radiometric performance of LIDAR remote imaging in an underwater environment. Numerical results were verified, and the software was delivered to the customer on time.

Phosphor Tech Corp.
• Met project goals for energy efficient lighting that received Illuminating Ideas Award by DOE.
• Rail gun sensor defense project led to a commercialization phase of a calibrated temperature
sensor in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of contractors.
• Supervised international interns in a nanophosphor research program.

• Improved LED extraction efficiency via refractive index gradient of layered phosphor. Applied spectroscopy for in-situ monitoring of electrophoretic phosphor deposition.
• Successfully demonstrated manufacturing scalability of phosphors by building an automated continuous system complete with reducing gases and oxygen sensors.
• Developed medical imaging phosphor screens for digital X-rays. Optimized manufacturing procedures to decrease cost by 80% while increasing efficiency and overall performance.
• Automated colloidal quantum dot growth for superior quality control of ZnSe nanophosphor.

• Designed and synthesized a sample space of 250 phosphors for LED white light color rendering.
• Increased luminare phosphor lifetime by 120% with CVD and colloidal chemistry.
• Material analysis of phosphor and nanoparticles included quantum efficiency (QE), color
rendering index (CRI), Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), stability, particle size, zeta potential.

• Team work contributions to SBIR proposals led to funding on various projects.
• Built which continues to drive new sales through online purchases.
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