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Dr. Suzie Dufour

Dr. Suzie Dufour

Postdoctoral Researcher
Toronto Western Research Institute
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SPIE Involvement: Instructor | Author

Area of Expertise: Neurophotonics, Imaging, Fiber optics, Neurosciences, Optogenetics, Electrophysiology
Profile Summary
The objective of my current research project is to better understand the initial phases leading to seizure in Epilepsy. To achieve this I am using electrophysiology, different brain imaging modalities and specific optical stimulation. I am particularly interested in investigating the role of interneurons and the behavior of extracellular K+.
I am also seeking to push the limit of optical brain monitoring methods by developing new imaging and sensing modalities.
Course Instructor  
SC1126: Neurophotonics
The brain is the most widely studied body organ, and yet our understanding of its operation and the connection between changes to the physiology and the ...

Level: Introductory
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