Das, Soumik

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Soumik Das

3rd Year BS-MS Student at IISER Kolkata
IISER Kolkata

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Area of Expertise: Nanomaterial Synthesize for Applications in Photonics, Electrocatalysts for OER, Carbon derivative materials for usage in Supercapacitor electrode material, Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for MEMS
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On going Under Dr. Venkatraman Mahalingam,IISER Kolkata:-
1. ‘ZnS Nanorods and PDMS-Based Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for Power up Portable Electronic Devices’
2. ‘Highly porous Metal Oxides and their derivatives’ applications in Oxygen Evolution reactions as catalyst’

Summer 2016 under Dr.Kadhiravan Shanmuganathan,CSIR NCL:-
1.’Highly porous PAN mat ,coated with polydopamine,PEI crosslinked as a efficient electrode material in Supercapacitor'
2.’Synthesize Iron(0) Nanoparticles coated with Polydopamine in Reduced Graphene Oxide matrix for the applications in catalysis'
3. ‘Making of paper using nanocellulose extracted from cotton rags,sisal fibre,coffee husks’

Winter 2015 Under the supervision of Dr.Venkat Raman Mahalingam,IISER Kolkata:-
‘Microwave synthesis of BaTiO3 and making of piezonanogenerator’(On my way to submission)

Summer 2015 Under the supervision of Prof. Bichitra Nandi Ganguly ,Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Applied Material Science Division,Kolkata:-
‘study of gamma interactions of matter using scintillation counter,semiconductor detector,analogue osciloscope’

Winter 2014 Under the supervision of Dr. Sukant Khurana, IISER Kolkata:-
Totally Bio-Fuel Cells(Reading Project)a detailed study on the history of battery and bio-batteries,several attempts to increase the efficiency of the bio battery.work with the microbial system rather than enzymatic process.
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