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Prof. Shmuel Peleg

Prof. Shmuel Peleg

Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem
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SPIE Involvement: Conference Program Committee | Author
Mosaicing impossible stereo views (Conference Proceedings)
Mosaicing impossible stereo views  (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Shmuel Peleg, Daphna Weinshall, Doron Feldman, et al.
Published: 21 May 2004
Stereo mosaicing from a single moving video camera (Conference Proceedings)
Stereo mosaicing from a single moving video camera  (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Shmuel Peleg, Michael Ben-Ezra, Yael Pritch
Published: 22 Jun 2001
Conference Committee Involvement  
Digital Photography X  
2 February 2014
San Francisco, California, USA
Mobile Computational Photography  
3 February 2013
Burlingame, California, USA

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