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Dr. Santosh Kumar

Research Scholar
Jawaharlal Nehru Univ

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Area of Expertise: Electromagnetically Induced Transparency, Quantum networks (Atom-Cavity-Fiber system ), Adiabatic Quantum Processing, Coherent Population Oscillation, Multilevel system (Tripod model), Quantum Entanglement
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My on-going research interest is in the field of "Quantum Optics and Quantum Information" which covers various fundamental and applicative aspects, in particular to understand, control and utilize practical quantum communication network.

For quantum communication, photons are ideal candidate for fast and robust transport, but are difficult to store, while atoms are reliable and long lived for storage. Therefore, the efficient transfer of quantum information between photons and atoms is a critical component of a quantum network. The basic idea of quantum storage and retrieval of photon wave packets in Lambda-type three-level atomic medium is based on the well known technique of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT).

We investigate some specific paradigms in the area of coherent nonlinear atom-light interactions. The study of atom-light interaction and understanding of the underlying physics have made it possible to control and manipulate the optical properties of atomic media using coherent laser light. In this context, we are carrying out extensive experimental and theoretical explorations of the role of atomic coherence (between the lower levels of three-level Lambda-system and four-level tripod system) for the realization of phenomena, such as EIT and slow light, with possible application in magnetometer and magneto-optic switch and the role of population oscillation for the realization of ultra-narrow resonance which cannot be attributed to EIT is known as Coherent Population Oscillation (CPO).

Theoretical we are also studying a scalable quantum network (atom-cavity-fiber network) used to transfer quantum states as well as to create quantum entanglement among nodes. We also wish to construct possible quantum algorithms, useful for quantum computation, based on such coherent quantum processes.
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