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Sami D. Alaruri (Al-Aruri)

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Area of Expertise: Lasers and Fiber-Optics Technology, Electro-Optical Systems Development and Modeling, Imaging Systems Development and Image Analysis, Optical Design, Development of Bioanalytical Instruments, and Infrared Technology
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B.Sc., Physics, Kuwait University
M.Sc., Lasers and their Applications, University of Essex
M.S., Applied Optics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
M.S., Analytical Chemistry, Purdue University
M.S., Engineering Management, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
F.C.E., University of Cambridge.

Worked for Beckman Coulter, Inc.; Corning, Inc.; Rolls-Royce Corp.; and
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

Independent researcher with background in:
New product development and quality control
Products servicing the biotechnology, telecom and aerospace markets
Development of lasers and laser amplifiers
High power lasers
Laser beam diagnostics
Laser dynamics
Q-switched lasers
Optical fiber technology, sensors and measurements
FO communication
Specialty optical fibers
EO devices and LEDs characterization
Imaging systems development and characterization
Image and signal analysis
Development of bioanalytical instruments
Optical measurements and metrology
High temperature optical thermometry techniques
Infrared technology, sensors and measurements
Solar radiation measurements
Laser interferometry
Optical coatings
Complex optical systems alignment techniques
Optical systems modeling
Lens design and tolerance analysis
Physical and Gaussian optics calculations
Automation and control
Fabrication and prototyping
Wet chemistry
Methods of chemical analysis
Generation of intellectual property
Technical management
Training and supervision
Software skills: Zemax, Matlab, Mathematica and ImageJ
Extensive hands-on experience with UV-VIS-IR CW/pulsed lasers, detectors,
cameras, spectrometers, telescopes; and calibration and diagnostic equipment.

His contributions to commercial products include: microplate reader; qPCR system;
Coulter particles counter; imaging system for ultracentrifuges; laser angioplasty
system; and EDFAs.

Fluent in Arabic and in English.

Issued Patents: 4.
Book Chapters: 1.
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