Sabine Lantsch

solar-semi GmbH

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Area of Expertise: Semiconductor and Compound Semiconductor, Nanoimprint and Security Printing, MEMS, piezoMEMS, Display (OLED), Photomasks
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solar-semi consists of a multi talented team of engineers, technicians and colleagues with decades of experience in design, assembly and support of advanced process equipment.

Our systems are based on standardized platforms, which allow a wide range of individual configurations for processing and handling of fragile substrates used in the semiconductor-, MEMS, piezoMEMS, OLED display and similar industries as well as in R&D.

The unique combinations of experience, process know-how, flexibility and partnerships allow solar-semi to develop an innovative and improved generation of equipment. Our lithography processing equipment is suitable for applications like spin coating, spray coating, baking, priming, developing, substrate cleaning, lift-off and stripping of various substrate sizes and materials. With the possibility of coating wafers on both sides, we are able to equip our tools with 100 % edge handling capability.

The solar-semi platforms, modules and options are designed to cover applications and process needs from the basic R&D via small volume production up to high volume production. By selecting standard components and using a modular design, cost effectiveness is consequently considered.

As a customer and partner of solar-semi you will have access to a network which is ideal to generate fast, effective and innovative solutions.
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