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Dr. Rick J. Yoon

IJ Research Inc

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Area of Expertise: Ceramic to metal seals, Hermetic seals, Sapphires and rubies, Optoelectronic packages, Advanced ceramic materials, Medical feedthrough
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Experience: A/R coating for 1000C application. Anodizing of glass and ceramic. Anodizing of others than Al and Ti. Hermetically sealed ceramic and metal for 1000C application. Glass to metal seal for an application between - 300C and +1000C.
Hermetic seal of sapphire and metal. Ceramic and metal seal with no sealant in-between. Glass sealing of quartz. Biomedical head through. Optical spinel to metal seal for hermetic application. Metallization on glass or ceramic. Glass or ceramic coating over metal. Thin and thick films. Ceramic grinding and relevant fabrication process.

Manufacturing of hermetically sealed feed through, header, connector, microelectronic packages, structural seal of ceramic and metal

Soldering of sapphire or glass windows or lenses in metal flanges with no use of flux for hermetic seal application

Development of a newly designed next generation hermetic seals with no use of sealing material between the ceramic and metal component parts; glass or braze

Interests are (1)utilization of currently available ceramics for various application fields; (2)development of new ceramic materials for a specific application; (3)solution of sealing, bonding or joining of ceramic and metal for a specific application; (4)cost effective manufacturing of high volume production lots and (5)a design of ceramic and metal seal for most economical and most manufacturing process friendly.

US patented items are (1) anodizing of glass or ceramic as well as all metals or alloys other than Al and Ti and (2) Direct seal ceramic and meta with nothing in-between for hermetic seal for various applications including, medical implant, defense aerospace and oil.gas.

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