Dr. Rahul B. Yadav

Product Development Engineer
KLA Corp

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Area of Expertise: Optical Coherence Tomography, Biomedical Optics, Ophthalmic Optics, Anterior segment of the Eye, Cornea, Optical System Design
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Optical coherence microscope (OCM) for cellular imaging in cornea:
• Designed the system in Code V to verify that the system meets desired specifications (2 μm axial and lateral resolution & >30 mm working distance)
• Assembled the system on an optical bench and validated that the system meets all the requirements.
• Demonstrated, for the first time, the feasibility of carrying out in vivo cellular imaging in mouse corneas using an OCM.

Micrometer axial resolution OCT for in vivo corneal imaging:
• Demonstrated, for the first time, 1 μm axial resolution OCT for corneal imaging.
• Designed a high spectral resolution (0.15 nm) and high spectral range (375 nm) spectrometer to be used in the system.
• Established clinical viability of the system through a clinical study on the structural changes in keratoconic corneas.

Large scan depth anterior segment OCT:
• Developed an anterior segment OCT system with scan depth larger than 10 mm.
• Designed a spectrometer with ultrahigh spectral resolution (0.03 nm) to achieve large scan depth.
• Designed a specialized scanning system for improved signal-to-noise ratio from the ocular surfaces.
• Measured changes in the ocular biometry during the process of accommodation.

Other projects
• Designed and developed a Placido disc system to study tear film stability in dry eye patients
• Characterized Iris AO segmented deformable mirror
• Developed a high resolution Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor to study aberrations in dry eye patients
• Developed an amplified swept laser as a tunable light source for anterior segment OCT

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