Isakovic, Predrag

Mr. Predrag Isakovic

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Area of Expertise: Project Management, Business Development, Finance, Compliance, Audit, Managament
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EDUCATION: M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) – USA; B.A. in Finance (USA); PMP Certified (Project Management Professional) – USA.
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1) Project Manager - Managing USA domestic and global business process improvement projects from conceptualization through implementation, including problem definition, process mapping, data analysis, process analysis, recommendations, implementation, and establishment of performance tracking. Managing wide range of complex projects such as legal and compliance, audits, mergers and acquisitions, finance and banking related projects, IT infrastructure implementations, operations process changes, etc. Working closely with business unit partners (operations, legal, compliance, IT, business development, marketing, analytics, decision science) to perform process flow mapping, identify issues and opportunities, form hypothesis, collect and analyze data, analyze processes, synthesize conclusion, develop solutions, identify alternatives, make recommendations, and work with the business unit and IT to implement process changes. Establishing project teams, holding kick-off meetings, developing project definitions documents, creating detailed project plans, conducting regular project team meetings, managing deliverables, monitoring project status, proactively identifying issues and working toward resolutions. 2) Business Implementation Manager - Managing business implementation projects and processes of global HSBC Bank products and services for domestic and international clientele (HSBCnet platform, Electronic Funds Transfer, Bill Payment Receiver, Lockbox, Pooling and Cash Concentration, Tax Filing Service, Account Reconciliation and Positive Pay, Cheque Outsourcing, First Bank Payment Service, Drawcheque, etc.). Assisting and updating implementation deliverables as required with new functionality rollouts, by making sure regulatory requirements are met. Monitoring and escalating any potential compliance issues, a
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