MacKinnon, Nicholas B.

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Mr. Nicholas B. MacKinnon

Founder, VP Clincal Strategy
eTreat Medical Diagnostics Inc
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Area of Expertise: tissue optics, fluorescence imaging, spectral imaging, optical medical devices, light sources, hyperspectral imaging
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Nicholas MacKinnon is Principal Consultant at Lumedica Consultants Inc. He was a director and CEO and a founder of Tidal Photonics and its subsidiary, OneLight Corporation, and one of the inventors of its breakthrough digital light technology. He served as CEO and later CTO until July 2011.

He has been involved with a number of medical technology start-ups. He was a founder of LED Medical Diagnostics and one of the inventors of the VELscope, its highly successful oral cancer screening tool for dentists.

A graduate of the University of Waterloo, his background includes sales and marketing of optical technologies and development of clinical and research medical devices in academic institutes and medical device companies. He led the Cancer Imaging Dept. engineering team at BC Cancer Agency’s Cancer Research Centre, developing autofluorescence and multispectral imaging methods for early cancer screening and treatment.

He has been an investigator, Core director, and consultant on several multimillion dollar National Institutes of Health research and program project grants, including several affiliated with Texas-based research groups at UT Austin, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University as well as the Beckman Laser Institute at UC Irvine.
He has managed complex international research projects with multiple scientists, engineers, programmers and subcontractors. He has raised millions of dollars in angel and strategic partner investment for OneLight Corporation and for other grant funded research programs.

His focus is on commercialization, in profitable business models, of cost-effective optical technologies with significant market potential.


medical device development, business development, start-ups, consulting, technology transfer, tissue fluorescence, fluorescence imaging, spectral imaging, spectroscopy, biomedical optics, hyperspectral imaging, light sources, cancer research, endoscopy, optical imaging technology, biomedical engineering,
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