Lone, Mudasir Ahmad

Dr. Mudasir Ahmad Lone

Univ of Nottingham

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Dr. Mudasir possess a multidisciplinary scientific background, an outstanding track record with several awards under belt. He earned his Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Masters of Research (MRes) in Single Molecule Nanotechnology with Distinction from the University of Nottingham (UON) under the valuable supervision of Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Saul Tendler, Director Nanotechnology Centre Prof. Clive Roberts and Prof. Stephanie Allen, at the Laboratory of Bio-physics and Surface Analysis, from the University of Nottingham’s School of Pharmacy [(Top Ranked in the UK (RAE 2008); 15th global best in 2013)]. He is a highly motivated, young scientist and wants to make a significant contribution to the scientific community and mankind by way of advanced scientific research and development.

During PhD, Mudasir used an amalgamation of both conventional and novel characterisation techniques for comparative analysis and broader understanding of the factors that influence aggregation in proteins. His attempt has been successful in evaluating and optimising the effect of lyoprotectants on the stability of therapeutic proteins during lyophilization. He expertises in the nanoscale and microscale characterization of materials such as biopharmaceuticals, biomaterials (proteins and antibodies) and other advanced materials such as dendrons. Analyses involve partcile size characterization, imaging, evaulation of secondary structure, thermal stability, crystallanity/amorphicity, porocity, flakiness and antigen-binding strength of proteins. He has comprehensively screened the effect of the process of lyophilization on ferrtin/polyclonal IgG antibody alone and in conjugation with different lyoprotectants, in an effort to overcome aggregation, so that the therapeutic efficiency and shelf life of protein based biopharmaceuticals could be improved.

He has a significant amount of an experience in the measurement of bio-molecular interaction forces at the single molecule level (
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