Sertsu, Mewael Giday

Dr. Mewael Giday Sertsu

Research Fellow
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

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Area of Expertise: Thin film and multilayer coatings, EUV and X-ray optics, EUV scattering as a surface technique, Vacuum instrumentation, Radiation damage analysis, Nanomagnetics on hetrostructure multilayers
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I studies Physics and Photonics in my bachelor and masters programs. After 3 years of physics undergraduate teaching, I pursued a PhD research on EUV and X-ray optics. I have done research on thin film and multilayer coatings of high reflectivity performances in EUV and soft X-ray wavelengths. A major task ,however, was to come up with sensitive and reliable metrology techniques to characterize the interdiffuion of multilayers. A grazing incidence based EUV reflectometry was proposed as robust technique to derive structural, optical and chemical properties interdiffuion layers in multilayers.

Deposition of B4C/Ceo2 MLs to study the performance as a possible candidate for the 6.x nm beyond EUV lithogrpahy was performed. optical properties of ceo2 determined experimentally in this range for the first time, interdiffusion of B4C/Ceo2 investigated, and ways of optimizing deposition of such combinations are reccommended for future work. I have worked also on tabletop EUV scattering experiments as surface techniques based on high-brightness DPP sources. A prototype of such tabletop EUV scattering was attempted to study surface morphology of nanostructures non-destructively and with fast scanning.

Research interests:
- X-ray absorption spectroscopies
- development of magnetic hetrostructure thin films and studying the impacts of interface diffusion , layer thicknesses and depsition qualities on the magnetic properties
- Coating and characterization of oxides
- EUV and X-ray optics related in general
- irradiation damage analysis of thin films or nano structures
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