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Dr. Memoon Sajid

Postdoctoral Fellow
Jeju National University

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Area of Expertise: Printed Electronics, Microcontrollers and Embedded System, MEMS/NEMS, Device Fabrication and Characterization, Sensors and Actuators, OLED, Memristors, TFTs, etc.
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Work Experience:
1. Post-doc researcher in AMM Lab, Jeju National University, Korea (Jan 2018 to Present)
i. Teaching 3 c-hrs course of “Advanced Biosensors Engineering” to M.S. and PhD. students.
ii. Development of multi-element transducer based environmental and bio sensing devices.

2. Lab Manager AMM Lab, Jeju National University, Korea (Feb 2016 to Oct 2017)

3. Electronic Engineer GIK Institute (Aug 2012 to Feb 2014)
i. Instructor of graduate students laboratory for PLCs programming, 2013.
ii. Instructor of Micro-Controller/Micro-Processor Interfacing and Embedded Systems Laboratory.
iii. Instructor of Digital Control Systems & Automation Laboratory.

Research Areas & Interests:
Sensors fabrication through printed electronic approaches using functional electronic materials and their applications in remote environmental and bio-monitoring. Further research interests include fabrication and performance optimization of devices like HMI sensors, OLEDs, OPVs, TFTs, and Memristors; and development of precise characterization systems for the fabricated devices.

* 19 SCI International Journal Publications (Total Impact Factor: 63.24)
* 17 International Conferences (3 Papers/proceedings, 11 Oral with an Invited talk, and 3 Posters)

Awards, Honors, & Achievements:
1. Honored with the “Award for Excellent Research Records” for the year 2017 by Brain Korea Brilliant Students Program (BK21+), Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea (2018)
2. Awarded with “Research Excellence Award” by the Jeju National University based on the best research output in Mechatronics Engineering Department after completion of course work (2016)
4. Secured 100% stipend and scholarship for M.S. and PhD studies by Jeju National University and Brain Korea (Ministry of Science and Technology) brilliant students program (2014-2017)
5. President SPIE GIKI and Pakistan Chapter. Conducted first all Pakistan Optics Olympiad (2010-11)
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