Khan, Md. Masruf

Mr. Md. Masruf Khan

Maintenance Engineer

Area of Expertise: Opti FDTD-Simulation & Designing, Electrical Engineering, Computer Hardware, Software, Networking & Programming Solution, Power, Splitter, Simulation, Analyzer, Optimization, TE/TM mode, Electrical Desinging, Plant, Sub-station, HT/LT switchgear,PLC, Inverter, Magnetic conductor, Computer Hardware, Networking solution, Core setup, Database systems, Wamp Server 2.0, MySQL, C, C++, C#
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Willing to develop creative career in the dynamic field of Electrical/IT/Communication or Computer sector and prove myself as a quick learner. I am feeling a lot of interest in Photonic nanotechnology for that I have obtained my undergraduate thesis titled on: "Design, Simulation and optimization 2D Photonic crystal Power Splitter". From my job experience I have learned few of technological system like Electrical distribution system, HT/LT Panel board, PLC, AC/DC inverter, Electronics simulation circuits, Water cooling system, Pneumatic control system. I have knowledge about the ISP & IT sector like-Optical line distribution, Wireless network, Wi-Fi Network, Core network configuration etc. Now, I want to make myself as a successful creative technological person but without better organization it could not be possible to fulfill my dream. So, I want to build my professional career and broaden my mind with innovation world to fulfill my dream.
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