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Area of Expertise: Create White Papers, Leverage White Papers 12 Ways, Ghost Write Trade Journal Articles, Create content, Generate High Quality Leads, Write & distribute press releases
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With over 25 years as an independent marketing consultant and writer for a variety of high-tech companies, my goal is to develop and implement the most cost-effective marketing programs that generate high-quality leads. The best and most cost-effective way: Inbound marketing based on a steady stream of white papers.

I create high-quality white papers (and other content) for a multitude of software and hardware technology clients. By implementing a variety of marketing best-practices, we leverage the white paper at least 12 ways into a potent inbound marketing program. Integrated with page optimized custom landing pages, this process produces high-quality leads. I also then leverage the content further to nurture these leads through the sales funnel until they reach the status of "qualified lead" suitable for sales action.

To see examples of white papers and ghost-written articles, please visit:

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