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Katarzyna Kolano

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Area of Expertise: Optics Manufacturing, Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing, FTTH solutions provider, Photonics, Fiber Optic Equipment Manufacturing
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Fibrain Ltd. is the largest indigenous Polish company involved in the field of fiber optics and photonics. The company has been established in 1993 and has a history of dynamic growth and successful innovation. The company operates an optical cables factory (possibly the most modern in Europe) and a very large optical Connectivity factory, with manufacturing capacity of several millions of connectors per year (amongst them multifiber connectors). The Connectivity factory is easily amongst the top 3 biggest factories of its type in Europe. Optical cables are dedicated for both indoor and outdoor applications and the manufactured cables types include for example aerial, riser or armored cables.
Fibrain also manufactures specialized optical fibers and its in-house capabilities cover the whole manufacturing process, including preform production and characterization and fiber drawing and measurements. Specialty fibers portfolio includes high-tensile strength fibers, PM fibers, photonic fibers or metal-coated fibers. The company produces a range of passive optical devices, including TFF-based filters, master class patchcords, FBT couplers, multimode power combiners, long period gratings or PLC splitters. Fibrain has also extensive fiber processing capabilities, which cover for example fiber lensing, down-tapering and up-tapering, splicing of very dissimilar fibers and exotic glass fibers or chemical surface roughening. The company welcomes custom inquires and has experience in developing devices to custom requirements, for example for sensing applications.
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