Zuzak, Karel J.

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Dr. Karel J. Zuzak

CEO (LBI-51), Principal Investigator (UTSW)

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Area of Expertise: Consulting, Commercialization, Research & Development, Biomedical Imaging and Engineering, Digital Micromirror Device, DMD, Technology, Problem solving, Chemometrics, Clinical and Surgical Visualization & Imaging, Medical System Product Design & Development
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Dr Zuzak is a Biomedical Engineer and Inventor. Over 20 years working directly with national & military labs, academia, hospitals, clinics, and industry developing systems for surgical guidance.

The Biomedical Imaging Transnational Research Program.
Collaboration between UTA (School of Engineering/Biomedical Engineering) and UTSW (Department of Surgery).
A multi-million dollar program with sponsors including local and federal government, Texas Instruments and Raytheon. Developing medical imaging systems (visible, near infrared, infrared, fluorescence, spectroscopic and chemometric) were translating to the patient bedside including macroscopic, microscopic, laparoscopic and robotic guidance for clinical and surgical venues aiding clinicians to see disease better.

-Pioneer/Inventor hyperspectral/multispectral imaging for surgical venues
-Over 27 years’ experience Biomedical Engineering Transnational Research
-Medical Imaging System Development
-Electro-Optical System Development
-Chemometric, Multivariate Statistical Algorithms Development
-Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral, Multispectral
-Algorithm development cardioversion/pacing for implantable devices
-Molecular cellular imaging using, Langendorff methods
-Catheterization clinic, human, collecting cardiac electro-grams

-NIH, National Institutes of Health
-UTA University of Texas at Arlington
-UTSW University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center
-Ph.D. University of Minnesota
-BS University of California San Diego

Primary inventor 3 hyperspectral patent, 50 publications, 2 books, 100’s invited presentations, SPIE conference industrially invited co-chair.

-Private Industry and Public (Academic/Government) sectors
-The “Cradle to Grave” process developing medical imaging systems including research, design, proto-typing, clinical trials,
-Medical venues, food safety, pharmaceutical and other applications, detecting and quantifying tissue chemistry and cancer

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