Nieves, Juan Luis

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Prof. Juan Luis Nieves

Associate Professor
Univ de Granada

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Area of Expertise: Color, Color imaging, Multispectral imaging, Computational color vision
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At present my research revolves around computational color vision (color constancy, human visual system processing of spatio-chromatic information), and spectral analysis of color images (including spectral analysis of reflectances and illuminants).

Alongside these topics, the main research interests are:
1) Multispectral estimation of spectral reflectances and spectral power distribution of illuminants using an RGB and/or a monochrome digital camera.
2) Design and optimization of optimal sensors in multispectral systems for recovering, recognizing and identifying both natural and artificial illuminants.
3) Object identification algorithms invariant to illuminant changes.
4) Computational optical color correlation for object detection and recognition.
5) Computational models and algorithms in color vision (color constancy and color and spatial information processing by the human visual system).

I belong to the Color Imaging Lab at the University of Granada (Spain). Apart from the above researh interests, as a group we still continue with experimental work into the Colorimetry and Color Vision by making regular contributions to subjects concerning spatial vision, color constancy, sky color measurements and so on.

In the field of teaching we are involved in doctoral programmes, courses and other activities related to color imaging. We have also helped to organize several functions including the 10th Congress of the International Colour Association, AIC Colour 05 (8 to 13 May 2005).
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