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Jose Muaca

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Area of Expertise: Producao e Perfuracao, AVAC/Mecanica de Refrigeracao, Contabilidade e Gestao, Cienciasde Computacao, Instalacoes electricas, Desenho Tecnico
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5 years of experience in the Oil & Gas OnShore and OffShore at Halliburton, Wireline and Perforating Services, Drill and Production Department, in Malongo Terminal / Malembo Base, in Cabinda-Angola, on Submersible Platforms, Semi-Submersivies, FPSO/FSO and Oil Tankers. Where I performed the functions of Wireline Operator and Electro-Mechanical Technician. And until present am HVAC Technician in self business:

2016 - Present: HVAC full preventive maintenance, pipeline installations or expansion pipes, air conditioning installations in the various systems (mono-block, mono-split, multi-split, VRV, Chiller, ventilation systems in galvanized conduit and spiro, self-supporting conduit type CLIMAVER , associated electrical installations including GTC); maintenance and troubleshooting of various assembly, disassembly, vacuum process, gas storage, refrigeration system charging, thermal load calculation, mechanical welding, installation of electrical protection components or circuits.

2014 - 2016:Full preventing maintenance, wirelines tools (Open, Memory Production Log, Cased Hole, Slickline), repair, align, fix, sond, fit, rework, calibrate hydraulic or pneumatic systems, safety valves and control systems, disassembly, assembly, trouble shootings systems, installation of electro-mechanical components or parts and hardware in housings using test instruments such electronic voltmeters or bridges reading blueprints,drawings, schematics and diagrams. Preventing maintenance AC/DC low-voltage lines conductors, solar panels photovoltaics installation, trouble shootings systems.

2011 - 2013: Logging Operations:
• Rig up/Rig down, rig move, pressure control test equipment, operate from the control room center the operating parameters oil and gas process systems and equipment of the unit.
•Set and retrieving gas lift valves, tools box inventory, machining,tubing and mechanical assembly and related well intervetion acativities.

Slickline Operations:
• Working with 15k equipment

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