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Jonathan M. Luck

Energy Analyst
Your Energy Pros, LLC

Area of Expertise: Solar, Energy Harvesting, Fire Detection, IT Infrastructure, Cloud, AWS
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An Entrepreneur at heart, I pride myself on being an engineering visionary and have dedicated my career to technology, product and systems development. Through founding several start-ups, I have gained battle hardened incites that allow me, as a results-focused senior executive, to specialize in corporate development and business operations. By necessity, I have become an exceptional self-starter and possess excellent communication and time management skills. I thrive in a team environment bringing balance and perspective through an ability to wear many hats and think outside of the box. The breadth of my expertise covers a wide range of responsibilities, thereby providing me with insights into the total operation. My skills cover:

Start-Ups / Turnarounds ● Strategic Planning ● IT Infrastructure / Design ● Project Management
Technical Writing ● Manufacturing Startup ● Patent / Trademark ● Electrical Engineering ● Investor Relations
Fundraising ● Banking Relations ● Technology Acquisitions ● International Business / Technology
Product Launching ● Commercialization ● Maquiladoras ● Hosting Environments ● Cloud ● SaaS ● AWS
OneDrive / SharePoint ● Program Management ● Energy Harvesting ● Solar ● Inventory Control
Electrical Systems Packaging ● Purchasing

I have authored several patents involved with ultra-low power circuit design, solar energy storage and management systems and wildfire detection systems.

I graduated from Reading University with a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Cybernetics, Instrument Physics and Advanced Mathematics.

Apart from engineering, my passions range from midcentury modern home renovations, home theatre design, smart home implementation, water-wise landscaping, on-grid solar solutions, electric vehicles, audio book reading, equestrian videography and saving rescue animals.
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