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Joe Jachlewski

Vice President
NiCoForm Inc

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Area of Expertise: Electroformed Optics, IR Cold Shields, Bellows, Optical Molds
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Common optical components that can be molded using electroformed tools include diffraction gratings, Fresnel lenses, diffusers, light distribution arrays, etc. Electroformed inserts for molding, embossing, casting and other plastic fabrication methods usually have flat machined back surfaces and can be produced from .010" to over .25" thick.

Optical NiColoy® replicas can also be used directly as metal optics - reflectors, shutters and mirrors. To enhance their optical performance and durability, high reflectivity inert coatings such as Gold, Silver, or Rhodium, can be applied to the surface.

Commonly referred to as cold shields, infrared (IR) radiation shields are now part of NiCoForm’s expanding product lines. These components are used to protect detectors found in IR cameras, guidance systems and other IR devices from stray radiation.

Electroformed as multi-layer structures of copper, NiColoy® or nickel, and gold, sometimes containing internal baffles, the shields usually have tight dimensional and weight tolerances. Their internal and external surfaces are often coated, respectively, with low and high emissivity coatings, although other configurations and finishes are available upon request.

NiCoForm has developed proprietary deep black and bright gold coatings on par with the best in the industry. Our precision CNC machining capabilities and advanced electroforming technology allow us to combine tight dimensional and weight tolerances with high process yields, resulting in quick turnaround times on competitively priced components.
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