Nayyar, Jaspreet S.

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Mr. Jaspreet S. Nayyar

Research Scientist

Area of Expertise: Photovoltaics & Energy Research, PECVD/Sputtering/Wet Chemistry, Foundry Management, Process Integration/Re-Engineering, Process R&D, Microfabrication
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I am an experienced Process R&D Engineer, with expertise in process optimization/re-engineering, process integration, and vendor management. With over 5 years of semiconductor fabrication experience, I have worked extensively on PECVD, sputtering, wet-etch chemistry, and photolithography. Along with my technical expertise, I have demonstrated good interpersonal skills while working with multicultural and cross-functional teams.

With a penchant for emerging technologies in semiconductor fabrication, I have extensive background in research ranging from 3D Flash NAND devices to crystalline solar technology. Combining the professional experience in R&D and solar cells research while pursuing dual Masters (Electrical and Material Science), I have developed good understanding of the semiconductor physics, as well as hands-on knowledge and experience with manufacturing semiconductor tools and Silicon as a material.
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