Meglinski, Igor V.

Prof. Igor V. Meglinski

Professor, Director of Unit
Univ of Oulu
Fellow Member

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Area of Expertise: Bio-Photonics, Bio-sensors & Biomedical Optics, Blood flow & Microcirculation Imaging; Cancer diagnostics, Tissue optics; Skin optics; Optical clearing, Coherent backscattering; Polarized light, Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy; Laser speckle imaging, Laser-Tissue Interaction & Monte Carlo modelling
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Igor Meglinski, MSc, PhD, is a Head of Opto-Electronics and Measurement Techniques at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of the University of Oulu (Finland). Professor Meglinski’s research interests lie at the interface between physics, medicine and biological sciences, focusing on the development of new non-invasive imaging/diagnostic techniques and their application in medicine & biology, material sciences, pharmacy, food, environmental monitoring, and health care industries. He is Fellow of SPIE, Fellow of Institute of Physics (FInstP), and Node Leader in Biophotonics4Life Worldwide Consortium. He is Principle Investigator and/or Coordinator for over 60 research projects, supported by European and British Research Councils, UK NHS and Royal Society, NATO, U.S. CRDF, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Health Research Council (HRC), Maurice Wilkins Centre (MWC), Russian Federal Agency for Science and Innovations, A*STAR (Singapore) and industrial partners, including Proctor & Gamble, General Electrics, Gazprom. He is author and co-author over 200 research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, proceedings of international conferences, and book chapters, and over 450 presentations at the major international conferences, including over 220 invited lectures and plenary talks.
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