Bitelli, Gabriele

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Prof. Gabriele Bitelli

Full Professor in Geomatics
Univ degli Studi di Bologna

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Area of Expertise: Geomatics Engineering, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, 3D modeling, Surveying, Deformation monitoring
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The main research interests are related to topographic and photogrammetric surveying with modern Geomatic techniques, deformation control for structures (e.g. buildings in historical urban centers) and territory (e.g. planning, testing and processing of large topographic networks for subsidence monitoring), applications related to Cultural Heritage (survey, representation, monitoring, data management), Geographical Information Systems, three dimensional modeling (DTM and DSM data generation by terrestrial, aerial and satellite systems, data quality assessment), applications of Geomatic sciences for disaster mitigation and surveying (e.g. earthquakes and landslides) and for environmental change detection, processing and applications for thermal imagery, digital approaches for historical cartography, forensic geomatics, Geographic Information Systems.
Principal Investigator of Research Unit for the Geodetic activities of the Italian National Program in Antarctica (P.N.R.A.), participating in two campaigns in Antarctica. He has coordinated and participated in numerous expeditions related to archaeological surveys of sites in several countries.
National Coordinator (2012-2015) of AUTeC, Italian National Association of Professors in Surveying and Mapping, he has been Coordinator of PhD School and member of the board of different research and didactic entities and committees.
Responsible of research units in several European research projects and in a number of National projects.
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