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Mr. Frederick Bushroe


Area of Expertise: Optical Engineering, LED Optics and Light Engines, Freeform optics, Lens Design,TracePro, Zemax, , Optical Project Management, Illumination Design, Non-imaging optics, Opto-mechanical engineering, SolidWorks
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Fred Bushroe is the president of INOV. Prior to founding INOV, Mr. Bushroe worked on projects for Walt Disney and Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Bushroe holds fifteen patents with additional patents pending. Today he personally directs every project at INOV ensuring the highest levels of customer service and engineering excellence. Mr. Bushroe brings together his skilled team to meet each project’s unique needs. He earned his Master’s Degree in Optical Science from the leading Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona. Past projects include: Optical Engineering related to Medical Device Products, BioMedical Optics, Laser optics and beam shaping, and Camera and system lens design in the UV, Visible and IR. Low and High Volume Production Design for Manufacturing. Extensive project experience with Zemax, TracePro, ASAP, FRED, Optomechanical engineering, SolidWorks, ProE and Creo. Light pipe and Fiber Optic design & product development experience. Telecom fiber-optic devices. Many LED systems and expert LED characterization in our optical engineering laboratory, including CRI measurement and color mixing. Injection Molded Optics and Part Design Experience. Experienced in LGP, Light Guide Panel & dot pattern optimization for Uniform illumination and in specialty backlight applications. Freeform lens design. Laser optics design. Tiny optical biomedical implant design and thermal modeling. Neurophotonics applications, brain and tissue optics and modeling.