Ryu, Eunkyoung

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Ms. Eunkyoung Ryu

Sales & Marketing Manager
FBG Korea Inc

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Area of Expertise: Manufacture Fiber Optic Sensor, Structure Health Monitoring, Apply FBG sensors, Design FBG sensor system
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FBG KOREA, Inc. is a leading company of FBG sensor manufacturing and providing in fiber optic sensor area to make safe and comfortable environment. Since 2003, we have developed supreme quality of FBG sensors through rich experiences of creative R&D with numerous government projects and application cases.

With the trend of FBG sensor business, we realize needs of customers earlier and do our best to give best satisfaction with our goods and services from the best quality management with experienced and faithful members. So, we have obtained many technical patents in domestic and overseas, and we guarantee quality of our products according to ISO9001:2008 quality management system and the Innobiz(Innovation Business) certificate of Korea.

To grow and expand business of FBG sensor, we have been looking for and cooperated with good partners from various field such as civil engineering, safety diagnosis, national defence, optical component, etc.

Under the company slogan of 'Technology, to the World, to the Future', our top priority is to develop excellent FBG technology and we will make an effort to provide its technical excellence with best quality products to the world based on trust.
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