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Dr. Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien


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Area of Expertise: Sciences of visual Arts, New-Media arts, interactive art, processes art, generative art , neuroaesthetics
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Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien (Ph.D.) is a lecturer in the sciences of visual arts and New-Media Arts. Diaa is an artist, educator, researcher, and creator to setup systems of artworks, basically depending on the intersection between art, sciences, and technology. His accurate specialization lies in the area of Holography, Interactive arts, Generative arts, Processes arts, Neuroaesthetics, Autopoietic aesthetic systems.

Diaa obtained his Ph.D. (Dr. Phil) in sciences of visual arts and new media arts from the University of Bern and the University of Applied Sciences Bern, Switzerland in 2017. He received his BA in culture & Art, and his MA in Media Arts from the faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt in 2008, 2011 respectively.

Since 2014, Diaa has been nominated to be a Ph.D. student at the faculty of Humanities, department of visual arts, University of Bern, Switzerland. Simultaneously, as a Ph.D. researcher in the school of Arts, University of Applied Sciences Bern, Diaa built a visual lab and laser lab, under supervision of Professor Rita Hofman, attempting to study the conceptual dimensions of the immateriality as a physical phenomenon in post-contemporary media arts including the holographic processes, the neural interactive processes, and generative processes in order to contextualize them within the context of the post-body aesthetics and behavioral aesthetics.

Recently, Diaa works on the interactive Neuroaesthetics and Autopoietic Art Systems, since he has begun to develop a neural visual system as an interactive artwork in the form of a holographic puzzles, attempting to expand the functional role of the neural brain activities in the interactive artistic processes. His teaching interests include: interactive generative syntax, interactive systems, Physics of the artwork, neural art and aesthetics systems, visual morphology, visual communication, and other approaches to Post-contemporary media arts.
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